The Backbone of our Pack System

The K² Titanium frame sets Exo Mountain Gear packs apart from the competition.  The unique titanium frame allows for unparalleled freedom of movement and comfort, while at the same time providing unbeatable support and rigidity when carrying heavy loads. We have load-tested the frame with more than 250lbs — it can carry more weight than you'll ever want to.

Built to Haul!
The K² frame is built and ready to haul heavy loads at any given time.  Just pull any of our 3 bag options away from the frame and you access the load shelf area quickly and easily.

The K² frame can be ran with any of the 3 bag sizes as well as just with our Crib Accessory.

Built Tough

We use military-grade materials, like 500d Cordura and Titanium, which means our packs are designed to last a lifetime.  

Removable belt webbing
Our 1.5" belt webbing velcros back on itself so you can attach our hipbelt pouch or any other holster, bear spray, or item designed to be belt-mounted.  

Heavy Duty!

Our 1" Compression straps are sewn into the seam for strength and are ready when you are to strap heavy loads to the pack.  

Streamlined, slim design
The K² frame tapers towards the bottom for a slim, low profile design and freedom of movement.  

Accessory Attachment
Accessories like our Crib attach quickly and easily to the frame