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New for 2018 we have made some slight modifications to the hipbelt.  The buckle system is still a reverse pull but tensions from the sides instead of the main buckle in the middle.  This fixes the issue of the webbing binding on itself while cinching up the pack for anyone on the border between belt sizes.  We also changed to a solid stretch fabric on the inside of the belt.   The new belt grabs your hips a little better and eliminates the issue of pine needles and debris getting into the spacer mesh.

  • Compatable with all generations of the K² Frame (2016-2018)
  • Easily swaps out on the K² frame if needed
  • Belt sizes (Small 29-33″, Medium 34-36″, Large 37″ +)
  • This belt is for K² frames.  If you have a previous generation frame, please find the available hipbelts here: 2014 Frame or 2015 Frame.



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