How to Attach a Holster to Your Exo Mtn Gear Pack System
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How to Attach a Holster to Your Exo Mtn Gear Pack System

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The Exo Mountain Gear hip belt features 1.5” webbing, which can accommodate a wide variety of holster types and sizes for many pistols. Most holsters that can fit on a 1.5” (or larger) belt will work great on our hip belt.

For example, here is a basic clip-on, inside-the-waistband (IWB) kydex holster that works perfect on our hipbelt.

This holster works well because the clip is large enough to fit over the 1.5” webbing and the bottom of the clip has good tension to keep the holster in position as you draw the sidearm. The rigid kydex structure also prevents the holster from losing shape when the firearm is drawn and allows for easy reholstering.

We recommend avoiding IWB clip-on holsters that have wide connection points and a large backing, such as the Crossbreed Supertuck shown below. The Supertuck is a fantastic holster for its intended purpose — it just doesn’t work too well when used with a pack.

Because of the large width and clip spacing on the Supertuck, it barely fits inside the fixed points that are sewn in our hipbelt and can be problematic to install and remove. The large leather back also overhangs the hipbelt profile — which, unless you wanted to trim away the leather on a very nice holster, could cause some discomfort when wearing the pack.

Another great holster option that works with our hipbelt is an outside-the-waistband (OWB) model that can accommodate a 1.5” belt. For example, the Blackhawk Serpa (shown below) is very adjustable, affordable, and provides some positive retention to ensure the firearm remains secure when taking the pack on/off, hiking in rough country, etc.

To install an OWB holster, start by disconnecting the Velcro tail-end of the hipbelt webbing from the back…

With the hipbelt webbing free, feed it through the holster, just as you would a regular belt…

Run the tail end of the hipbelt webbing back through the loop, place proper tension, and then lock the tail-end by reestablishing the Velcro connection.