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Load testing the Exo Skeleton Frame with 250lbs…

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We have been asked a handful of times what the load rating was on the Skeleton frame;  my response has always been “whatever your legs can carry” and really that’s the truth.   We designed the pack to be able to carry substantially more weight than you would ever want to.  Each seam has a minimum of 3 rows of stitching, each webbing connection point is back stitched and bar tacked, all critical fabric points are re-enforced and where the frame attaches to the pack we use Kevlar thread.  To top it off the Titanium frame is incredibly strong and can take whatever you throw at with ease.

As backpack hunters Lenny and I know what abuse a hunting pack is put through. We also know that you can’t simulate the abuse and stress put on a pack by designing it behind a computer which is why we extensively test the packs in the real world.  We have focused our construction and materials to be lightest weight possible taking into consideration this “abuse factor”.   The Exo Skeleton frame can carry a lot more weight than any practical hunting situation is going to call for and you’re not going to have to worry about the pack failing you or the frame breaking.


Load testing the Exo Skeleton frame with 250lbs from Exo Mountain Gear on Vimeo.

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