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Introducing Ranger Green

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We have some announcements for 2017 that we can’t share yet, but one change we did want to let you know about is a new color option: Ranger Green. This new color will replace Foliage in our line-up.

We first stumbled upon a sample of Ranger Green in early 2014, when visiting with Cordura at the Outdoor Retailer show. We liked Ranger so much, we made a sample pack and loved the result, but at the time we couldn’t find the right suppliers for full production.

Fast forward to August of 2016 and one of our major suppliers notified us that they would no longer be stocking Foliage.  That led us to revisit the idea of producing packs in Ranger Green. While we are sad to see Foliage go, we are honestly more excited about the fact that we can now take Ranger Green to production.

Beyond our personal preference for Ranger Green, we have also found that it is a more relevant color to match a wider variety of camo patterns that are on the market — including Sitka’s new Subalpine and KUIU’s Verde 2.0.

Everyone’s screen shows colors a bit differently, so it is nearly impossible to show you an accurate representation of the colors. This example, however, shows you the general difference between the colors. While both a “green”, Foliage has more of a gray hue, whereas Ranger has more of a brown hue.

One other benefit that we really like is that the 500d Cordura and webbing we will be using for Ranger Green is Solution Dyed NIR.  NIR stands for “near infrared”, which is developed for Military applications to make the fabric harder to spot through night vision devices.  That doesn’t mean a lot to us as hunters, but what we love is the fabric has a very matte finish to it (same as our current Coyote Brown).  While more expensive for us to buy, we feel that the benefit for you, the customer, is worth it.

Last Call for Foliage

Foliage has always been the color with the least demand, but we do recognize that there are many of you out there with Foliage packs. That last thing we want to do is leave those of you with Foliage packs out to dry.

We are going to keep Foliage available on the website until Feb 15th.  

If there are any Exo items that you want in Foliage — whether bags or accessories — place your order by February 15th; if the item is not in stock, we will make it and deliver it within 6-8 weeks.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Just hit Reply…

Here’s to a great 2017!  (With some more announcements to come!)

— Steve & Lenny