As you might have guessed — considering how we obsess about the design and performance of the packs we build — we are particular when it comes to hunting gear.  Endorsing gear isn't a decision we take lightly, but we are proud to stand behind and recommend a few products that meet our needs, stand up to the demands of our hunting, and consistently and reliably perform in backcountry.

Hoyt Archery

“I came to Hoyt archery after resigning a Pro Staff position from another archery manufacturer. With a new-found freedom to shoot any bow I wanted, I went into the Archery Trade Associate show a few years ago and had the opportunity to shoot nearly every bow model from every bow manufacturer on the market. In the end, I was blown away by the Hoyt Carbon Defiant. Coming off of a successful season with my Carbon Defiant last year, I had proven in the field that there was no need to keep ‘shopping around’ for another bow. I am excited to take my Hoyt into the backcountry again this year!” — Mark Huelsing

First Lite

“I had been using merino wool for backpacking for several years — well before First Lite brought camouflage merino to the hunting market. I have come to appreciate how merino doesn’t build or hold odor, even after several days of hard hunting. I also benefit from the wide range of temperatures in merino has it kept me comfortable. First Lite was not only the first to bring merino to the hunting market, they’re also the best among the numerous other options that exist these days. I love that my First Lite layering can be sued for hunts from August to November, and beyond, always keeping me comfortable in a wide range of conditions.” — Lenny Nelson

Ripcord Arrow Rests

"I have been running Ripcord Arrow rests on my bows for the past 4 years of hard hunting in the Idaho backcountry. When selecting gear for a backcountry hunt, we have to choose simple, well-made products that won't fail on us when it matters most. We abuse our gear and expect it to perform for us, no matter the conditions or abuse it’s taken. My Ripcord has never let me down!” — Steve Speck

Easton Archery

“Target, hunting, big, small, aluminum, carbon — I have experimented with a lot of arrows over the years. There are a lot of good arrows out there, and in the past I never felt an affinity for any one in particular. That is, until I finally decided to give Easton’s Full Metal Jacket Injexion shafts a try. I can’t imagine a better combination than the hard-hitting attributes of the FMJ, along with the benefits of an ultra-micro diameter 4mm shaft that provides wind resistance and reduced friction upon impact for maximum penetration.” — Mark Huelsing

S&S Archery

“S&S Archery has been my go-to backcountry gear shop for more than 5 years now. Other online retailers might offer a wider selection, but I know that S&S only carries what's best, because they only carry products that they have used and approved. Whether I am building a custom bow sight, need help deciding between optics, or just need to order a pair of my much-loved Prana Zion pants, S&S always takes care of me.” — Mark Huelsing