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Exo Mountain Gear Shipping update and Podcast

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Shipping Update:

We have been shipping packs on a pretty much weekly basis and are catching up faster than we thought we would.  If you haven’t heard from us we should be in touch soon depending on the size / color of the pack.

As of today here is what we have shipped:

  • 3500 Coyote and Multicam orders from February 15th and earlier have shipped
  • 3500 and 5500’s in Foliage Green up to April 15th are shipping now

Here is a rough schedule to give you an idea where you may fall in line to get your pack:

  • 3500 Coyote and Multicam orders from Feb 15th to May 1st will ship late May
  • 5500 Coyote and Multicam orders up to May 1 will ship by late May / early June
  • 3500 and 5500 Foliage from April 1st and on will ship late June / early July

These are rough timelines but should be pretty close to what we expect with a few exceptions.  We thank everyone for their patience and are doing our best to get this shipped as fast as we can.



I recently got the invite to be a guest on the Outdoors International Podcast with Marc Warnke.  The topic revolved a lot around backcountry hunting, my typical gear list for a hunt and also covers the beginning of Exo Mountain Gear as well as our design philosophies.  If you would like to take a listen you can download the podcast here.



Steve Speck