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Cleaning your Exo Mountain gear pack

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Cleaning an Exo pack after a successful hunt is extremely easy to do and takes just a few minutes of your time.  The following pics will walk you through the steps you need to take.  We do not suggest putting the pack in a washing machine and using harsh chemicals / cleaners.  Just spraying down with a pressure nozzle on your hose and soaking in the bath tub are all that is needed.

Step one:

Take the pack outside on your patio and get your hose with a pressure nozzle on it.  This was

my pack after packing out an Antelope, not super dirty but needed to be cleaned and scent free

for my upcoming Mule deer hunt.



Step Two:

Disassemble the pack so you can clean all the parts and pieces.  Remove the lid, the bag and finally

by removing the small black clip above the lumbar pad you can pull that back and slide off the waist-belt.



Step Three:

Hose off all the blood and hair from the pack with a pressure nozzle.  It should only

take a few minutes to do this.



Step Four:

Bring the pack inside and to your bathtub.  Fill the bathtub up with hot water and soap.  I like to use

Sport Suds as it does an exceptional job cleaning but any good scent free, non UV soap will work just fine.



Step Five:

Let the pack soak for a couple hours in the hot water and soap.



Step Six:

After soaking hand wash the pack and rinse off the soap at the same time.



Step Seven:

Once rinsed off bring the pack back outside and let air dry.  I did this in September and let the pack sit out overnight,

the next afternoon it was dry and ready to re-assemble.



Step Eight:

Once the pack is dry you are ready to slide the belt back on and re-attach the bag and lid.

Go Hunt and get it all bloody again!