Limited Release Exo Mountain Gear 3500 in Cipher Camouflage
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Limited Release Exo Mountain Gear 3500 in Cipher Camouflage

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We are no longer accepting orders for Cipher packs.  Thank you to everyone that ordered — we look forward to delivering your packs in mid-August!

Frequently Asked Questions…

Why the limited release?

We are doing a limited release to ensure delivery in time for hunting season.

Will Cipher be available in the future?

Honestly, we’re not sure.  We definitely won’t have another run of Cipher packs this year.  Depending on how this run goes, we might expand our Cipher offerings in the future — potentially offering it across our entire line.

I already own an Exo frame, can I purchase just the bag?

Yes, we will offer bag-only and frame-only purchases in the Cipher pattern during the 48-hour ordering window.

Will accessories be available?

Yes, we will be offering the following accessories in Cipher: Hipbelt Pouch, Crib Load Panel, Weapon Carrier.

When will my Cipher pack be delivered?

We are doing one limited production run of Cipher packs at the conclusion of the 48-hour ordering period.  Production will take approximately 5 weeks, depending on total order volume. We expect all Cipher packs to be delivered in August.

Can I order a 2000 or 5500 pack in Cipher?

No, this run is for 3500s only.

I have a pack on order, can I change to Cipher?

We can change any open order to a Cipher pack, but only if you contact us before the 48-hour ordering window concludes.  Also keep in mind that Cipher packs will not be delivered until August, so the shipping timeline for your original order will no longer apply.  Please direct all order change requests to

I already purchased a pack this year.  I wish I would have known about the Cipher packs earlier!

We definitely understand where you are coming from, and if we could have announced these packs earlier we would have.  We could not have released these packs sooner because sourcing materials in Cipher took some time — in fact, we weren’t even sure if this was going to happen at all this year.  If you received a new pack within the past 30 days, you can return your pack for a refund.  We cannot “exchange” your pack for a Cipher pack, but you can definitely place a new order for a Cipher pack and return your pack for a refund.  Again, this only applies if you are under our 30 Day Trial Period and if your pack is in “like new” condition. If you would like to return your pack under these conditions, please complete the Return Authorization Form.