A few of the first customer reviews…
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A few of the first customer reviews…

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Production on the revised shoulder harnesses is going well, they’ll be ready and shipping this Friday.  We did ship out a few packs to some guys who were needing them asap for hunts.  All of the feedback from those has been incredibly positive so far and we are excited to get more packs out there.  Here are a few of them:

“Steve, I received the Exo pack and video thanks again. Just a quick note as I know your a busy guy. In the last few years I’ve owned every major pack made including mystery ranch long bow and a crew cab. Kifaru high camp 4800 with bikini frame,Stone Glacier Solo and most recent KUIU Ultra. All these packs were alway lacking a few things and I just wasn’t quite happy. When I heard you and Lenny were designing a pack I was a little skeptical. But man was I wrong. Steve you guys nailed it. This is the absolute perfect backcountry elk pack. I am so impressed. To me kind of a blend of a Kifaru and Stone glacier with a mystery ranch hint. Great job guys. I am going back into hells canyon on the 18th for round two spring bear hunt for another week. I hope to send you some pictures hauling out a bear. I showed it to a couple of friends that I hunt with and you will be getting a phone call from them with a order. Thanks again guys.  Jim Dean”

“Steve, Just received the pack in the mail. I have been in the market for a do it all pack and you have met and exceeded my expectations. I was trying to find a lightweight external frame pack that could also be used as a day pack. The organization of pockets I am able to get what I need into the pack and more to hit the mountain for 3 to 5 days. I used to have a day pack and would attach it to a different frame pack, but it never worked the way I wanted it to. I was somewhat skeptical about buying the pack without seeing first, but after watching videos and the work you guys put into it my mind was made. So glad I chose the exo 3500. The anticipation was well worth the wait. It was much smaller than I anticipated, but was glad to see that be the case. I didn’t want a large bulky pack, but big enough to haul everything I need to keep me comfortable and in the field longer. I will be chasing bears in a couple of weeks and hope to test out a heavy load to get a good feel for the pack. This pack seems extremely durable and with the lifetime warranty as well as being made here in the USA you can’t beat it! All around you guys have what I consider the best pack on the market! At this point I haven’t found anything negative to say about the pack. From what I can tell every detail about the pack has been very well thought of. Thanks for such a great pack and look forward to sending some success pics in the very near future. Keep up the great work!  Kent Anderson”

We also had Zac Griffith use just the frame panel this last weekend in a Train To Hunt event down in Arizona.  His overall impression was extremely positive: ” I was really impressed by the stiffness and strength of the titanium frame system. It’s ability to pivot was really helpful when drawing a bow and twisting at the hips. The frame panel is ultra lightweight and the versatility is outstanding for ANY hunting scenario.”

We did just finish up the design of our hipbelt pouch, I posted up a quick video on our facebook page here.  Our biggest complaint with hipbelt pouches we’ve used in the past was that they were always floppy and the zipper would hang up would trying to open it with one hand.  This was definitely our main focus in the design of the pouch was to make sure the zipper was operable with one hand.  We did a few simple design aspects to make sure it was from adding an ABS plastic backing, a top access #5 water resistant zipper and making sure it has a very secure attachment with the 1-1/2″ Velcro webbing.  We also used  two way zippers so it works on both the right or left side, we put 1/8″ padding on the front panel to protect whatever you put inside and lastly added a quick access mesh pocket on the outside.  Overall dimensions are 6x4x1.5, perfect for any rangefinder, gps or small camera.