Douglas Boze

Mount Baker Washington |

I received an exo mt gear pack from my wife for Christmas in 2015. I have just started to break it in, having hauled out two bears with it so far this season. I took it on my dads mt goat hunt this past week. We reached a nasty corner of a cliff, where I made it, but dad needed some help, so I quickly took off my back and laid it on the ground. Rushing to my dads aid, I was too slow to notice that my fully loaded pack (with my entire camp, water, GPS Garmin, cell phone, cooking materials, sleeping bag/pad, clothes, etc, plus some of my brothers gear) began sliding down the loose dirt, headed straight for a rock edge. Before I could get to it, all I could do was watch my pack pick up speed and gravity took hold and sent it down the embankment. If it fell all the way to the bottom, we are talking 300 yards probably. As luck would have it, it slide about 50 yards , rolling and tumbling, before being launched off a 15ft or more drop before crash landing on a pile of jagged rocks. I thought it was going to be torn to all hell. Once carefully retrieved off the edge of the hill, there was little more than a scrap here or there, no tearing in the material whatsoever. I was stunned. As it was falling, I was just waiting for the zipper to come undone and my gear getting scattered everywhere. It didn’t happen, more amazingly, it was no worse for wear and I wore it all the rest of the 7 miles back to the truck. After a dust off, it was fresh as a daisy.

Not to mention, properly loaded and fitted, it is a very comfortable pack.

Great product.