Become A Mountain Athlete with Coach Rob Shaul — Hunt Backcountry Podcast Episode 62
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Become A Mountain Athlete with Coach Rob Shaul — Hunt Backcountry Podcast Episode 62

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It isn’t about looking good.  It isn’t about impressing someone in the gym.  Rob Shaul’s experience-backed training philosophy is about forging mountain athletes that can perform when it matters, where it matters (in the mountains), and for what really matters (the outdoor pursuit of their choice, and often, profession).   Rob’s clientele is comprised of a diverse array of individuals from an equally diverse array of professions: rock climbers, special forces soldiers, skiers, wildland firefighters, and more.  But for us, for you, and for Rob — the passion is backcountry big game hunting.

Rob first joined us to discuss his training philosophy and programs waaaayyy back in Episode 5.  He returns in this episode to discuss fitness, sure, but we also dissect Rob’s 2016 hunting season; his first as a bowhunter, after many years of meat hunting with firearms.  We hear about the lessons that Rob learned this year, such as the distractions of chasing the “latest and greatest” gear.

As we usually say, and strive to make true: there’s something for everyone in this episode.

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Mark’s Experience with Rob’s Programming

I (Mark) have been through many of Rob’s programs, and they are exclusively what I use to train in the months leading up to the backcountry hunting season.  As someone with limited time, limited equipment, and limited space, I appreciate that Rob has programs that hunting-specific, yet can also be completed by someone in my situation.  Here is what the months of pre-season training look like for me:

Rob has an 8-week plan specifically for hunting, Backcountry Big Game Hunting Plan.  While I own that plan, and have done many sessions from it’s programming, I will say that it is a serious commitment of time to complete the programming as prescribed.  I chose to do the Pre-Deployment plan, in place of the Big Game Hunting plan, because the Pre-Deployment workouts fit into my schedule better than the Backcountry Big Game plan. The primary primary goal and end result is common between the two plans: preparing to ascend/descend mountains with a loaded pack

If you are just looking for some place to start and are entering a new (or renewing a) journey in fitness, I highly recommend starting with one of Rob’s bodyweight-only training plans.

These are just a snapshot of dozens of plans that Rob and his team have put together, and are only the plans that I have personal experience with (I have also completed others not mentioned here).  Here are a few of my favorite, and what I feel are most important, movements to prepare for backcountry hunting.

To see a complete list of movement demos from Rob and his team, visit this page.  If you have any questions about the plans, I would be happy to share my experience, or you can contact Rob as well.