Wolf Hunting with Jason Wright — Hunt Backcountry Podcast Episode 22
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Wolf Hunting with Jason Wright — Hunt Backcountry Podcast Episode 22

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Wolf hunting is a controversial topic that tends to bring up a lot of emotions from advocates for, and against, the issue.  In this episode Jason Wright — a wolf hunter himself — shares his opinion on the subject…and its probably not exactly what you’d expect.  We also get practical and talk about where, when, and how to hunt wolves.

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Here is a look at the Pure Elevation video that Jason mentioned during the podcast…

  • AJ

    Hey guys, I just started listening to you guys. Its great to hear someone from Idaho! This was a great Podcast. I do have a few questions though. How do I get ahold of Jason and Steve? I wanted to pick their brain on areas to go find wolves. There are more questions I have about other episodes I’ve listened to but its great so far.

    • Exo Mtn Gear

      AJ, you can get a hold of me by just calling the phone number on the contact us page of this website.

      Glad you are enjoying the podcast!


  • B Bailey

    Observation here for JW. Eat the wolf.
    I was talking with Steve today and asked if you guys ever eat the wolf meat. His impression was that predators in general don’t plate well, and that wolves, coyotes and mountain lions bottom that list. I can’t speak for wolves, but I can for coyote. I hunt them every winter and eat everything I kill. The animal is small, so no large cuts come off (no steaks) but it makes great stew meat. My wife prefers coyote stew over deer, moose etc. It really is that good. I’ve served it to others who were astounded that it tasted good, and even ambushed a fellow hunter who was so adamantly abusive regarding my palate that I served him up some of my “venison” stew, which he raved over, only to let him know it was coyote after that last swipe of bread cleaned his bowl.
    No less an authority than Don Thomas (Longbow Country, Longbows in the Far North, assistant editor of Traditional Bowhunter) has lauded the flavor of mountain lion on several occasions.
    So, think about this. The Native Americans would sacrifice a dog to make a meal for an honored guest. They did this why? Because it was the most repulsive meal they could honor the dude with?
    I have not tasted wolf, but why would it be any different than coyote?
    What is the point of this post? Well, number one, I’m a strong believer in, You Eat What You Kill, or you don’t kill it. Second, there was a lot of discussion on the podcast to be sensitive when posting wolf hunt photos and comments. Yes, always and for all animals. But what better way is there to show that this is a valid hunt than to talk about how to prepare wolf, and how great it tastes. When we hunt for food, most people get it.
    Coyote Stew:
    Skin the coyote. While still hanging, strip shoulders, backstraps and hind quarters of all meat. Do not puncture abdomen.
    Cube all meat into bite sized chunks.
    Stew meat in 1 Cup red wine, 1/3 Cup olive oil, 1Tbsp of Wrightes Liquid Smoke, 1/4 Cup Greek (not Mexican) oregano, salt to taste.
    Bring to boil then simmer till fork tender. Set aside to rest.
    Prepare vegetables. I like carrots, potatoes, celery, parsnips and shitake mushrooms. Cut to bite sized. Bring to boil in 1″ of water, cover pot, simmer. When tender but still having some body, add the entire pot, veg and liquid, to the meat pot. Combine.
    You can serve as a liquid soup, or thicken with flour, cornstarch, etc.
    Serve with crunchy, dip-worthy bread and red wine.
    I hope this inspires some of you to try it. I feel more grounded having consumed the meat of my prey.

    • Jason

      Wow, this has to be the most interesting thing I’ve read in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

      • B Bailey

        Awesome! If you’re ever in need of a wolf hunting partner who’ll cook it up afterward, let me know! You got the hunting skills so we can trade off 🙂