2015 Exo Mountain Gear Update
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2015 Exo Mountain Gear Update

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It is crazy how fast time flies by, here it is just over one year from when we started selling packs last year.  Lenny and I truly want to thank everyone who has supported us and purchased a pack over that time-frame.  The overwhelming positive reviews and feedback has been amazing.

We are extremely excited for 2015 and are very happy with the modifications we have made to the pack for this year.  We are working on product videos covering the changes that should be up on Vimeo in the coming weeks.

As of right now we have a rough timeline of 10 weeks out on pack orders but as we get closer to June we hope we will be 100% caught up and shipping orders daily.  We have been shipping 2015 packs for the last 4 weeks and will continue to ship more each week until we get caught up with the pre-order list. If you would like to get on the pre-order list you can do so by filling out the form located here: http://exomountaingear.com/shop/pack-pre-order/

This will get you on the wait list, you are not required to put any money down.  As your pack is getting closer to shipping we will be in touch for payment information and any accessories you would like to add to the order.



Steve and Lenny