Giveaway Celebration for Episode 100 of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast
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Giveaway Celebration for Episode 100 of the Hunt Backcountry Podcast

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We want to celebrate Episode 100 of the podcast by thanking you — our listeners. We are giving away an Exo Mountain Gear 3500 pack system and many of our previous podcasts guests have also stepped-up to offer you more than a dozen additional prizes. Listen to the show to get all of the details and complete the giveaway entry form (below) to get entered. Winners will be selected on December 1, 2017.

Also, we now have Hunt Backcountry Podcast shirts and stickers! Thank you for supporting and representing the show with your purchase…

Hunt Backcountry Podcast Shirt Hunt Backcountry Podcast Decal

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  • Bendrix Bailey

    Nice reward. But how do you post the keywords? There is not post or submit button so I’m not sure if mine made it in.

    • Exo Mtn Gear

      Bendrix, Once you enter you name / email it will populate a list of the Keyword categories. From there you can go into each individual one and fill out the keyword.

      • Bendrix Bailey

        I did that, but there is no button to post the answers. Can you check my entry and see if my keyword answers are there? Anyway, it was a bit confusing to fill out a form but not have to post or submit it. Not the typical use model. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

      • B8201

        I’m having the same issue as Bendrix. I see where it shows each sponsor with “keyword” next to the sponsor name but I can’t click on the window. Likely user error.

  • Patrick Hutchins

    Congratulations on 100 episodes! I really like the diversity of styles and topics that make up those 100. I could listen to the Cleckner and “Elknut” episodes over and over again. Is there an archery version of Cleckner?

    • Exo Mtn Gear

      Thanks Patrick. We have done a few archery focused episodes and plan to do many more. Episodes 87, 66 and 41 are all focused on archery.


  • Gary Goesch

    Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put in over the last couple years to produce the podcast. I was raised in Colorado in a hunting family and have been around it all my life, but listening to you and all your guests has opened up a whole different world of hunting for me. I like the fact that the podcast isn’t “professionally” produced in some big studio; it’s more genuine that way, feels like a bunch of buddies bs’in about hunting stories or gear. I’ve listened to nearly every episode, many of them multiple times, and I’ve always learned something new and gotten some good laughs…I was cracking up during this episode remembering about Bob. So thanks again, all you do is much appreciated.

  • John Wiser

    I spend a lot of time on the road for my job. Thank you for providing such an informative and entertaining podcast. I look forward to every episode. Also, I appreciate the EXO packs. I had an original Gen 1 3500 that I used for a couple of years and really enjoyed it. When I updated to the current version this spring, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the resale was for my old pack. Thank you for building a great pack and being willing to be innovative in your design.

    This year, I hauled a muley buck out of a deep dark canyon and was as comfortable as one can be climbing that hard with weight. A couple of weeks ago, I hauled half a deer out of another canyon 3 miles in when my son shot his first deer. Great packs!!!

  • Jared Hansen

    I have enjoyed the podcasts since you guys started. Great information and guests. You guys are more realistic and seem more down to earth, blue collar guys that I can relate to compared to some other podcasts. I know you guys are compound shooters but is there a chance you would get some traditional guests on? There are a few of us that hunt backcountry but prefer wood arrows and wood bows. Thanks again keep it up!

  • Matt Crafton

    Congrats on 100 episodes! I have learned a ton since I stumbled on your podcast a few weeks back. Really enjoy the show and how you break complex, dynamic decisions/environments into easy to digest concepts. It’s SO easy to go down every rabbit hole but you guys do a great job at nailing the important details and not sweating the rest. Keep it up!

  • Shawn Clausen

    You alway put on a great show. I look forward to every episode. Keep up the great work and good luck hunting and in your business as well. I will be ordering a pack this spring is the plans. Thanks again!

  • Brandon

    Hey, Congrats on making it past 100 episodes! I’ve certainly enjoyed each one.

  • Shawn McBeth

    good luck everybody, congrats on 100th!